What is so tough about “yes” or “no”?

My intention today was to continue with Pandora and some of the music that not only has become part of my life, my DNA, but also a generation. The Baby Boomer Generation. Then I saw some of the “interview” of Mike Pompeo conducted by NBC commentator Craig Melvin and totally popped my cork and had to address it.

For some time, I have railed about the negative effect of the proliferation of cable news programs. So many hours of airtime to fill that there is no bar, or at least whatever bars might exist are flat on the ground. People who have repeatedly demonstrated their lack of credibility that appear over and over and over, adding nothing but talking points to any discussion. They have long ago mastered the art of the backstroke and since they know how long they are appearing, can fill up that time with bs and talking points. Wouldn’t it be great if news directors actually held their guests to some type of standards for actually answering simple questions?

Today, the question that Pompeo wanted to duck involved whether or not, as Director of the CIA, he was aware of the investigation started by Andy McCabe when McCabe informed the Congressional Gang of 8. Immediate response is to attack the credibility of Andy McCabe based upon the OIG report, a report that came out much, much later than the timeframe of the question that had been asked. Pompeo then, after he is asked again if he knew of the investigation, pulls out the old “I can’t comment on investigations”. Ok Mr. Pompeo, you are not being asked to comment on the investigation, which is certainly not secret at this point, you are only being asked, yes or no, were you aware of the investigation. Again with the “I can’t comment on investigations” from Pompeo and Melvin doesn’t continue.

With all the issues in the world today, Melvin then goes to something so irrelevant that I was apoplectic. “Any truth to the rumor that you may run for a Senate seat in Kansas in 2020?” Who the fuck cares? If you had a dollar for everyone who today was most worried about whether or not Pompeo would run for a Kansas Senate seat, how much money do you think you’d have? Nothing about the Saudis murder of Khashoggi or the nuclear issue. Nothing about Putin threatening the US. This is what is wrong with news programs. They act like they are beholding to someone who is using them as a platform to deliver talking points and avoid adding anything illuminating to the discussion. Oh here Mr. Pompeo, let me plant a big wet kiss on your ass to thank you for appearing today.

My suggestions for questions if Melvin ever gets to follow up with Pompeo. “If you could have any snack in the world right now, what would it be?” “What are your favorite jeans, Levis or Lees?” “Which do you like more, puppies or kittens?” “Who is your favorite of the Teletubbies?”

Geeeeeeezuz! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! Can it get any worse?

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