Hey news organizations…..set a bar!

Yesterday, I wrote a bit about what a detriment the unwillingness of broadcast news organizations to establish standards to appear on their programs does to stop progress towards a fact based, informed electorate. The pseudo attempt at being fair winds up with one side making logical, fact based arguments while the other side just delivers talking points that wind up being essentially a free political ad.

I could put a list together of those that I consider the absolute worst offenders that still appear regularly and do nothing to advance an understanding of important issues but I’m sure most thinking, informed people have their own. Seeing them come on almost automatically induces projectile vomiting. Remember during the 2016 campaign the absurdity of Sean Spicer and Kelly Ann Conway? Personally, Sean Spicer’s “My Little Pony” defense of Melania Trump’s plagiarism should have been an instant disqualifier. Ditto for Conway’s statement, while working for Cruz, that “Donald Trump made his money on the backs of little people”. Seeya Kelly Ann, don’t call us, we’ll call you.

I’m putting in a link from one of my top offenders. A man who in my book long ago demonstrated that he doesn’t register on a credibility meter and yet, CNN repeatedly has him appear on their programming. Ask yourself (I’d love to ask whoever signed this man to be a contributor what kind of bar they utilize in their hiring process), would you pay a nickel for this man’s opinion. Credibility? Really?

3 thoughts on “Hey news organizations…..set a bar!”

  1. Good point here. I am not sure at what point getting into a government position while in the Republican party that their thinking gets corrupt. Blind allegiance to a party platform regardless of how that impacts people or getting away with statements and paying no price for it stumps me.

    Take this lunatic Congressman from Florida, Matt Gaetz. On a committee hearing on gun violence, he has to insert a diatribe on “the wall” as a means of protecting kids from gun violence. I think he just won a second term but I recall his first term initial bill sponsoring in the 2016 Congress which earned him an “attaboy” from Paul Ryan. He sponsored a bill that would abolish the Environmental Protection Agency. Now his district includes the Florida Panhandle which will likely only get inundated with sea encroachment but yet his answer appears to pacify those that view anyone but Republican as lunatics…just can’t figure.

    1. Gaetz is one of the most sickening members of Congress. The only reason he is there is that when he got an OUI, his Daddy, who was a big whig in Florida politics, pulled strings to make it disappear. No standard procedures were followed.

  2. I Have to tell you I chuckled before I went to your connecting site as I knew it would be Santorum….he has bs his way throughout his political career and you do really have to question why he is so popular as an interviewee. He distorts the world so much that you wonder if he has any connection to reality. But there he is, in the boob tube spewing his nonesense. Sadly, too many people believe this.

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