Writer’s Block…..

First, I don’t term myself a “writer” necessarily and lately I find myself pulling over to the side of the road without reaching my destination. Right now, I have five partially completed posts and I find that the reality is that if I try and write something timely, the post is left in the dust as I have to leave it. When I come back, it’s like old news. Unfortunately, that’s the way our news cycles run today. Not just day to day but hour to hour stories disappear into the rearview mirror or, more aptly, into the muck. I’m starting some more generic posts, more historical (personal) with a clear beginning and ending in my head. I’ll become m0re disciplined on topical posts and I’m really developing more respect for people who can sit down and put together a cogent set of thoughts in one sitting. Back to work today after a day off to watch the Super Bowl. Three more weeks and I’m retired again and then will be able to find some focus, hopefully improved when I can get back out on the bike. Actually warm enough today. As my Dad used to say, “better days are coming” and I look forward to seeing my hummingbird friends return.

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