Snow shoveling and naps……

Geez, I have a growing list of topics that I intend to write about but I’m getting hijacked daily. Snow shoveling and naps. My assignment with LL Bean was supposed to end on 12/23 but was extended to 2/22. For me, that will be it no matter what they offer. I love the diversity of the workplace, get to listen to Pandora Radio the whole time I am “working” and get great discounts. But, the time is getting to be a burden.

Our winter has been a strange one. Every time it snows it has been the consistency of wedding cake frosting. Super wet and a snowblower will not throw it. Then, immediately, we have a hard freeze and the driveway becomes a sheet of ice. I have put at least 300 pounds of sand on the driveway so far and today, could not use the snowblower again because of the underlying ice. Very hard to shovel with that kind of footing and I did take one cartoon fall. You know the one. The fallee somehow winds up four feet in the air, is suspended for several seconds and then…..boom. Knocked the wind out of me but like the Ever Ready bunny I was able to finish.

Tomorrow I want to write about Chris Christie, a man I do not like, a man who should have never held an office higher than Secretary of Cookies and Snacks for a youth sports league. The disingenuousness of Republicans, the gas lighting, the ability (like an owl) to look the other way, the total suspension of logic and facts is unfortunately fueled and facilitated by our new programs and their 4 minute blocks., I also want to look at the opportunities for girls to compete in sports today that didn’t exist when I was in high school But, for now, off to Freeport.

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