So many topics…..

There are so many topics to write about, I’m technically retired, but my days whistle by. I’m working a temporary assignment for LL Bean that lasts until 2/22. Topic. LL Bean is very worthy of a post in so many ways. My daughter Kathryn just bought her first house and is in full freak out mode so I’m stopping there to get her washing machine going. Geesh, I have my bike set up on a stand in the den and haven’t had the time to string consecutive days together.

So, just a quick thought that relates to a couple of my biggest bitches………the near extinction of logic and news organizations that consistently give a platform to people who have zero interest in enlightening anyone and who are masters at using their air time as free political ads. So, for example, last week, the cartoon character of a lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, was spewing nonsense about Michael Cohen’s father in law. Now, I have no illusions that I could ever be a news commentator. Well, I have no illusions that I could do it for more than one day anyway. What would I have said to Rudy that Jake Tapper didn’t? “Mr. Giuliani, when did Michael Cohen get married? Recently? Hasn’t Michael Cohen’s father in law been his father in law for all the years that Donald Trump employed him as his “personal lawyer”? If he felt that the father in law may have been affiliated with organized Ukrainian crime why then did he hire Michael Cohen? Isn’t this another example of Donald Trump’s ability to vet people he hires or might it just be that he chooses to surround himself with the likes of Michael Cohen, Michael Flynn, Rick Gates, Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, on and on and on? “

New’s Directors should simply pull the plug on people who only spin and tell lies. Remember Sean Spicer and his My Little Pony defense of Melania Trump’s plaigerism? I would have told the RNC and Trump campaign that he was no longer credible and that they needed to send a realistic representative who was not a joke. Geezuz, establish some kind of bar. There is a whole list of people whose phoniness is epic and apparent. How about Kelly Ann Conway who, when working for Ted Cruz, said that Trump was a fraud who made his money on the back’s of little people.

OK, washing machine time. Hoping that my engineering ineptness doesn’t raise its ugly head. (Yes, I will bring my laptop and check on YouTube to bolster my deductive reasoning.) Wish me luck.

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