Goodbye Lucy……..

A shitty Saturday morning although the sun was shining. We’ve all had to do it, it hurts, it SERIOUSLY SUCKS………a one way trip to the vets for a beloved four legged friend. Lucy was unique. Like all the Corgis we have had, they came from a rescue, retired show dogs, except for Midge and Newman who were puppies when they were given to us by the woman who ran the shelter and bred Corgis as well.

When we got Lucy, she had been a champion and although only 4, was retired. She didn’t know how to be a dog but she adapted to the great outdoors quickly, was a friend to the cats, and settled in with her half sister Midge. Although she often did an imitation of a dumb dog, we soon learned that she was beyond smart. She was vibrant, funny, loyal, resilient and tough, tough, tough. Her last years were challenging. Hip dysplasia, cataracts, loss of hearing but she still danced at dinner time and, one way or another, met you at the door. Where once she would not let you carry her upstairs to bed, the last few months she waited at the bottom of the stairs and took the ride with no complaints and never, never a whimper. She had several massive tumors but again, I never heard her cry, occasionally a groan when she was sleeping. Just grabbed some pics to remember a loyal friend, a great dog. RIP Lucille.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about Lucy. You just can’t beat having a good dog and when you have to make that guy wrenching decision to let them go, your heart just breaks. Know that your grief is real, acknowledge the love that was given and returned and you did the best you could for her. I am sure she had a wonderful life because of you and Bernie and Kathryn and Jeff. I can certainly empathize…

  2. Herb,
    It’s always so hard to say goodbye to a beloved member of the family. So sorry to hear you had to bear the burden yet again. Most of us have, in the past, had to do the same . . . it pains us immensely, makes us cry and never want to experience it again . . . Simultaneously it gives us a fast forward reality of life and our relatively short time on this earth. Sometimes I think God gave us dogs, cats and other critters as pets, as family members, to teach us how to give unconditional love, how to live a simple joyful life and . . how to cope with death of loved ones. We all go through it multiple times in our lifetime and our own time will come as well. Coping with death is never easy, we’ve all experienced it and it gives us great perspective on the value of life.

    I’m sure Lucy gave you and your family much joy and in part taught you a bit more about unconditional love. People sometimes say a dog takes on the personality of their “master”. It sounds like Lucy was a kind, smart, gentle, loyal but tough companion. From what I know about you Herb, I think you the “master” took on many of Lucy’s traits. She will be with you forever and you with her.

    1. Thanks Mike. I’ll be happy to be just fractionally as tough as Lucy was. She showed resiliency and an ability to adapt, lessons for us all.


  3. Herb, I feel your pain and sorrow. We lost our corgi just over a year ago and it still hurts. I know you gave him a great life and we all know our pets make/made our lives much better.

    1. Every one is tough. Lucy was our fourth Corgi to pass. They were all unique in many ways but all similar in their love of “their people”. Extremely smart and extremely loyal. Kirby, Midge, Higby and now Lucy. The missing part of the daily routines is painful and what is missing is a constant reminder. On another sad note, I went back to NY in early December. Bob Goodell passed away after a 5 year fight with cancer. A very tough trip.

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