Goodbye Lucy……..

A shitty Saturday morning although the sun was shining. We’ve all had to do it, it hurts, it SERIOUSLY SUCKS………a one way trip to the vets for a beloved four legged friend. Lucy was unique. Like all the Corgis we have had, they came from a rescue, retired show dogs, except for Midge and Newman who were puppies when they were given to us by the woman who ran the shelter and bred Corgis as well.

When we got Lucy, she had been a champion and although only 4, was retired. She didn’t know how to be a dog but she adapted to the great outdoors quickly, was a friend to the cats, and settled in with her half sister Midge. Although she often did an imitation of a dumb dog, we soon learned that she was beyond smart. She was vibrant, funny, loyal, resilient and tough, tough, tough. Her last years were challenging. Hip dysplasia, cataracts, loss of hearing but she still danced at dinner time and, one way or another, met you at the door. Where once she would not let you carry her upstairs to bed, the last few months she waited at the bottom of the stairs and took the ride with no complaints and never, never a whimper. She had several massive tumors but again, I never heard her cry, occasionally a groan when she was sleeping. Just grabbed some pics to remember a loyal friend, a great dog. RIP Lucille.

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