The reality of the world today……..

I’m not that smart and I started seeing that the unequal distribution of wealth was accelerating and becoming structurally built in to, for sure, our politics 40 years ago. Clearly this is also a worldwide issue as well. It kind of points to the lunacy of the Republican tax cuts for the rich. When you wrap your mind around that reality, you can see how it influences, in fact drives, so many issues around the world and here at home today. Check this out and think about it.

One thought on “The reality of the world today……..”

  1. Bernie Sanders keeps preaching it but the powers in be just don’t give a crap. There is a widening rift that at one point seemed to be diminishing…well there was a much larger tax on the wealthy…in which great strides were taken. Now…way too much greed, indifference and maybe just plain hate. Our gutless leaders who could take some positive steps instead protect their own and remain ineffectual for the rest of us. I have come to greatly respect dad’s tirades which often ended with, “line them all up, shoot them and start again. Eventually they will get the message.”

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