Neeson or Trump?

Neeson or Trump? Trump or Neeson? This was my dilemma yesterday afternoon. Which path of inane time wasting should I avail myself on a snowy Saturday afternoon? None of my standard go to movies were available. No Bruce Willis or Denzel Washington. Shit! I opted for Liam Neeson, Commuter. One question I have is, has anyone ever had worse luck than Liam Neeson using public transportation? Geeezuz.

What? What did you say???!!! Tom Brady let the air out of footballs? Can he be impeached? Shit! Next you’ll tell me Donald Trump is the fucking President!

Let’s cut to the chase. Wow, this movie was bad. Beyond bad. Anyone involved in the production of this shitter should have been drummed out of the industry and I hope Liam Neeson had his salary direct deposited and didn’t have to sign his name to the back of a check. Unfortunately, the depths to which this movie sunk still present a higher bar than the every day world of the Trump Administration.

My advice to Democrats. As with poker, when you have chips and cards, you play aggressively. Democrats hold the cards. Trump owns the shutdown from the point he said, in the WH, on camera, that he was “proud to call for a shutdown” and that he would own it and not blame the Democrats. Democrats should blanket the news shows and remind everyone that, until Trump pulled the rug out from under “Missing” Mitch McConnell in December, there was a bipartisan deal in place to keep the government open and negotiate border security. Remind people that Democrats have continued to pass legislation to reopen government and negotiate border security. Then, push.

Start asking questions. If “The Wall” was such a concern of Republicans, why after two years of total Republican control of government haven’t they built a wall? Republicans never wanted it either. Call for a joint commission to discuss border security after government is reopened. Not just discuss it, dive deep into details of any changes to effect what everyone wants, border security and logical immigration laws. The foolishness of acting like border security is simply a matter of building a wall coast to coast needs to end. We need a plan. With timelines and priorities, options and costs. What about private citizens who are already gearing up for a fight against the use of eminent domain to seize their land?

Insanity every day. Gotta go. I got some footballs to deflate in Kansas City.

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