“I don’t believe Mr. Mueller would be involved in a witch hunt,” Barr said as he was questioned by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

I watched a good bit of the Barr hearing the other day, not all of it, and was left with a good bunch of mixed feelings. I thought Kamala Harris and Corey Booker both did nice jobs of preparing their questions to reach a goal and were successful. Had I been a member of the panel though, I probably would have pushed the envelope beyond smarmy jokes about Barr’s grandson. My first question would have been, “So, Mr. Barr let’s get this out of the way right now. Are we going to hear from you today that ‘I LIKE BEER!’?”

I find it hard to believe that Trump found reassurance in the statement at the top of this post and had I been a panelist, I would have had numerous questions following the thoughts expressed in that statement by Mr. Barr. “Would the Robert Mueller that you have known for 30 years be likely to have been duped by a deep state conspiracy?” “After two years, do you not think that Robert Mueller would have sniffed out a phony investigation fueled by phony warrants?” “Do you believe that Robert Mueller is a member of a deep state conspiratorial cabal?” “As a former AG, can you explain all the checks and balances within the FBI and DOJ, all the signatures and OKs necessary to start an investigation of the President?” And, the biggest question that is never asked, “What if the evidence all those agencies, Robert Mueller, the intelligence community, have seen shows that TRUMP IS LIKELY GUILTY?” “What should lifelong intelligence professionals do if they are presented with credible evidence that the President has worked to defraud our nation?”

If what we see every day were in a novel or a movie, we’d close the book or change the channel. Unfortunately……it is reality. Again, the most important question is, “what if Trump is actually guilty?” and the evidence that Mueller and all the other intelligence professionals have seen shows that to be true? We have only seen crumbs, Mueller has a loaf of bread. Should all of our intelligence professionals, professionals in intelligence agencies of our allies, have ignored what they saw? Geez, c’mon Mr. Mueller. Drop the hammer.

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