As much as there is to write about everything in the news today, since projectile vomiting is not on my “to do” list for the day, I’ll just make one quick observation. Our country was founded by and sustained by men and women of all races and creeds who were willing to give their lives, their LIVES, to protect our country. It has become frighteningly obvious that we now have a party of politicians who don’t have the backbone to even risk their political lives to defend our democracy and adhere to their oaths of office.

So, today, the first article I happened to see upon connecting to the internet was on the proper exercise levels based upon age. For my age group, the recommendation was essentially to maybe walk and don’t fall down. Screw that! I remember when I was in HS reading an article about a man who ran 75 miles on his 75th birthday and telling my Mom that I wanted to do that. Her response was that everyone can’t do that, which is true, but I responded that no one can do that unless they truly WANT to. Want being the operative word.

We all have the capacity to do more than we think we can and I firmly believe that challenging oneself is just as healthy mentally as it is physically. Goals are all relative but they are all healthy. Once, after finishing a 10k race in my hometown, I was standing with my sister when the final finisher came across the line well after the rest of the field had finished. My sister said something like, “I’d be so embarrassed” to which I asked, “why? She set a goal and she achieved it.”

A couple of years ago, I took the train down to Boston to watch a former college track teammate run the marathon. 50 years after he had completed the Boston Marathon for the first time. 50 YEARS! The most astounding sports accomplishment of anyone I have ever known in my life. (Apologies to my old golf buddy Sachi who shot his age many times.) That man, who still coaches in the Rochester, NY area has lived the philosophy of “use it or lose it” and continues to live it and, more importantly, passes it on to countless people, including this Loonatic.

When I first got back on a bike again, anyone watching would have thought I was suicidal as I had not a clue how to ride it. It had probably been at least 40 years since I had been on a bike. In the interim, although I ran into my early 40’s, I had multiple knee arthroscopies and both knees totally replaced with the right knee replaced twice. When I plunked my ass onto the bike seat, I was 40 pounds heavier and never envisioned wearing 34″ waist jeans again. I had no clear goals other than to get my heart to beat fast again. To push myself to do more than I had convinced myself that I could not do.

For me, my motivation comes from not letting down all the guys I competed against and with all those years ago that are gone. Just a suggestion to all my friends. You don’t need to train like an Olympic athlete but setting realistic goals and consistently moving toward them is physically and mentally satisfying. Do what you can without comparing to others. As my old buddy Mike Reif says, “Use it or lose it.” From experience, you CAN do more than you think you can.

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  1. Hey Herb,

    Great article and thanks for all the nice kuddo’s in your blog. To have an influence on others is a really positive feeling . . especially when the “professional” people problem solver I was for nearly 40 years . . . is no longer as active as I once was. The day in and day out people/systems challenges change once one retires . . . but the desire, skills and motivation to do so remains. I have yet to figure out how/what it is that Carol and I want to do together to help our fellow man/woman/child down the road . . . but we talk about it often. We both went through some tough times a few years back but I now have a partner that I am so proud of and so happy to be with. Indeed I’m very, very fortunate. Not many people win the lottery . . but I did with her.

    I’m really proud and happy to say that YOU Herb Fox are one amazing motivator and champion of so many. All the things you do with charities, challenges to yourself and others is beautiful to see and I love watching it grow. Every day your wisdom speaks and reinforces a positive belief in what is good for your fellow man/woman. Many people sit back in their rockers and make their last years of life a boring, self absorbed passing of time. Not you . . . and so keep on doing what you do Herb. I’m so proud to know you and count you as a great friend . . . despite being so far away. . . so not in touch or in the same neighborhood for years and years . . . but we share a common spirit of making life better (great) for ourselves . . . but mostly others.

    My main mission in life yet is to give Carol the best years of her life, to challenge and help her reach her full potential (which is untapped) and to insure her security even if I’m no longer here . In turn I will be rewarded with the love of the most beautiful, sensitive and supportive person I have ever known. Fortunately for me and Carol, my three kids, my 6 grandkids as well as her 2 daughters and 5 grandkids are all terrific and successful people that support us.

    I’m not sure how I got into all of this but want you to know my great respect for you and all you stand for. Have a great day buddy!

    1. Thought about all the Brockport guys when I drove over to say goodbye to Goodie. Geez, those were some good times buddy. Hope to bump into you again in 2019,

  2. First off…I don’t think I would have said that about anyone running and completing a race of more than 100 yards, so you must have been talking to a different sister. 😊 I totally agree with the use it or lose it mentality. One of the best steps Joe and I took when we moved here was to become involved in pickleball. The people we have met have not only become friends but they have become inspirations. A number of these “seniors” are in their 80s but you would never know it by their play; they are competitive, they know how to effectively place the ball, occasionally making their opponents look downright foolish, they are encoraging, helpful but will still do an overhead smash given the opportunity. One was the center for Bart Starr in high school, we have collegiate wrestlers, tennis players, racket ball players, champion ping pong players, actors, musicians whose average age is about 70. They are certainly of the mindset to stay active on many fronts. And I am proud to call them friends.

    1. I checked the tape and verified it with our President who remembered it clearly and said, “this I can tell you, she BIGLY said it.”

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