I always considered myself computer literate but I’m thinking I need a nerdy high school sophomore to help me get things working. Working on adding a gallery option for photos, an automatic post to Twitter (The Limerick Loonatic) and a forum option. I’ll get there but we keep getting snow the consistency of wedding cake frosting and my snowblower won’t move it so, just like the old days on East Seventh Street. And, I’ve taken another assignment from LL Bean and I will write about that as it progresses. A totally unique environment with the widest range of characters, the most diversity, of any workplace I have ever been in. And, discounts! Just replaced my Keen Hiking Shoes, the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned and got $50 off. Not going to even talk about Trump today other than to say I am angry at the networks ignoring the reality of who he is and giving him a free option to kick off his 2020 campaign. Little driveway work to do right now.

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