Let’s all say a prayer for the resurrection of common sense and critical thinking skills.

I cannot say, like our president, that “nobody knows more about (fill in the blank) than me. Several thoughts regarding this insane government shutdown and impending national crisis. First, didn’t the Republican party control both houses of Congress for the last two years? If The Wall was truly a necessity for the security of our country, why then hasn’t it had money appropriated to start it? Why is this “crisis” coincident with the Democrats taking control of the House? The hypocrisy and lies are stunning, even for a pathological liar. Drugs? The DEA and even General Kelly in testimony before the Senate said that drugs get into this country through ports of entry. Everyone, except our president and the ass kissers he surrounds himself with, tasked with keeping drugs out of our country knows with 100% certainty that the drug epidemic is not being fueled by illegal border crossers with a backpack. Terrorists? On the way to work yesterday, I heard Nicholas Rasmussen, long time senior manager within the NTIC, under multiple administrations, make clear that the greatest terrorist threats we face as a country come from domestic terrorism. It’s much easier to turn someone already in the country than it is to infiltrate somebody new and terrorist groups have become experts at targeting potential supporters through social media.

But what upset me most was the rhetorical question about “how much more bloodshed………………” How can anyone with more awareness than my cats not think of Parkland? Or Newtown? Or Las Vegas? Or the synagogue in Pittsburg? Geezuz. Naptime.

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